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Who We Are

This dynamic duo has teamed up to bring fresh ideas that offer a BIG impact to your space. We curate, design, and take your idea and help it breathe. Estes Design Group is dedicated to refining your inspirations to tell your story and stimulate emotions. Our reputation is built on performance, trust, and most importantly, creativity. We love what we do and are constantly looking for new sources of inspiration to bring to our client's experience. 


Our team has designed spaces from Los Angeles to Dallas, from luxury residences to celebrity events. Our clients trust us with their projects and know that our team offers exceptional design service and impressive experience each step of the way. 

The saying 'good vibes only' reigns supreme with us. We live in a world made up of vibrations. Science has known it for a long time – you see using vibrations of light and you hear using vibrations of sound. Your nervous system interprets different levels of vibration into sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. But not only do you interpret vibrations from the world around you, you also create vibrations with your emotions and thoughts into your environment. 

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